Documents and other downloadable packages pertaining to a specific device are generally found on the page dedicated to that device in the "Documents and Links" section. A cross reference of documents and software downloads is provided here for your convenience.

Data Sheets
AddMe III AM3-IP-BN Data Sheet
AddMe III AM3-IP-MB Data Sheet
AddMe III AM3-SB Data Sheet
AddMe III AM3-SM Data Sheet
AddMe Jr. AMJR-14-BN Data Sheet
AddMe Jr. AMJR-14-IP Data Sheet
AddMe Lite AMJR-14-SB Data Sheet
AddMe Lite AMJR-14-SM Data Sheet
BAS-700 Analog I/O Data Sheet
BAS-700 Discrete I/O Data Sheet
BAS-700 Processor Module Data Sheet
Babel Buster BB2-2010-NB Data Sheet
Babel Buster BB2-2010 Data Sheet
Babel Buster BB2-2011-NB Data Sheet
Babel Buster BB2-2011 Data Sheet
Babel Buster BB2-3010 Data Sheet
Babel Buster BB2-3020-NB Data Sheet
Babel Buster BB2-3020 Data Sheet
Babel Buster BB2-3060 Data Sheet
Babel Buster BB2-6010 Data Sheet
Babel Buster BB2-6020-NB Data Sheet
Babel Buster BB2-6020 Data Sheet
Babel Buster BB2-7010 Data Sheet
Babel Buster BB2-7020-NB Data Sheet
Babel Buster BB2-7020 Data Sheet
Babel Buster BB2-7030 Data Sheet
Babel Buster BB3-7101 Data Sheet
Babel Buster BB4-8422 Data Sheet
Babel Buster Pro V210 Data Sheet
Babel Buster Pro V230 Data Sheet
Babel Buster SP Data Sheet
Babel Buster SPX Data Sheet
Babel Buster SPX Pro V2 Data Sheet
Internet I/O Board IB-100 Data Sheet
Internet I/O Board IB-110 Data Sheet
USB to MS/TP Adapter MTX002 Data Sheet
i.Report VP3-2290 Data Sheet
i.Report VP3-3690 Data Sheet
i.Report VP4-2090 Data Sheet
i.Report Monitoring Service for Equipment
i.Report Monitoring Service for Generators
ValuPoint VP4-0610 Data Sheet
ValuPoint VP4-0630 Data Sheet
ValuPoint VP4-2310 Data Sheet
ValuPoint VP4-2330 Data Sheet
ValuPoint VP4-2810 Data Sheet

User Guides
BAS-700 Hardware User Guide
BAS-700 Web User Guide
BB2-3010/3060 User Guide
BB2-6010/SPX/SP User Guide
BB2-6010/SPX/SP -GW User Guide
BB2-6040 User Guide
BB2-7010 User Guide
BB2-7030 User Guide
BB2-7040 User Guide
BB2-3020/7020 User Guide
BB2-2010/2011/6020 User Guide
BB2-3020/7020 -NB User Guide
BB2-2010/2011/6020 -NB User Guide
BB3-7101 User Guide
BBPro V210 User Guide
BBPro V230 User Guide
SPX Pro V2 User Guide
VP4-xx10 User Guide
VP4-xx30 User Guide

Quick Start Guides
AddMe III AM3-IP-MB/BN Quick Start Guide
AddMe III BACnet Object Properties
AddMe Jr. Quick Start Guide
Babel Buster BB2-6010 Quick Start Guide
Babel Buster BB2-7010 Quick Start Guide
Babel Buster BB2-7030 Quick Start Guide
Babel Buster BB3-7101 Quick Start Guide
Babel Buster SP Quick Start Guide
Babel Buster SPX Quick Start Guide
Internet I/O Board IB-100 Quick Start Guide
Internet I/O Board IB-110 Quick Start Guide
VP4-2330 Installation Guide
VP4-xx10 Installation Guide

Support Packages
Generally contains configuration tool software, USB driver, documentation, etc.
AM3-SB Support Package v2.12
AM3-SM Support Package v1.03
BB2-3010/3060 Support Package v2.20
BB2-3020/7020 Support Package v2.17
BB2-2010/2011/6020 Support Package v2.21
BB2-3020/7020 -NB Support Package v2.11
BB2-2010/2011/6020 -NB Support Package v2.06
VP3-2290/3690 Support Package
VP4-0630/2330 Support Package v2.01
VP4-0610/2310/2810 Support Package v2.05

Compiled Help
Compiled help downloaded as zip file. Be sure to "unblock" in the .chm file properties to enable viewing.
BB2-3010/3060 Compiled Help
BB2-3020/7020 Compiled Help
BB2-2010/2011/6020 Compiled Help
BB2-3020/7020 -NB Compiled Help
BB2-2010/2011/6020 -NB Compiled Help
Script Basic Compiled Help
i.CanDrawIt Compiled Help
pliWrite Compiled Help
VP4-2330 Compiled Help
VP4-xx10 Compiled Help

Browse HTML help files downloaded as zip file.
BB2-6010-GW HTML Help
BB2-6010 HTML Help
BB2-7010 HTML Help
BB2-7030 HTML Help
BB3-7101 HTML Help
iReport VP3-2290/3690 HTML Help
VP4-2330 HTML Help
VP4-2310/2810 HTML Help

BACnet PICS (Annex-A)
BB2-3010 PICS Annex-A
BB2-3020 PICS Annex-A
BB2-3060 PICS Annex-A
BB2-7010 PICS Annex-A
BB2-7020 PICS Annex-A
BB2-7030 PICS Annex-A
BB3-7101 PICS Annex-A
VP4-2330 PICS Annex-A

i.CanDoIt Server Reference Information
Building a Formula with i.CanDoIt Action Rules
Loading User HTML with FTP
i.CanDoIt User HTML CGI Summary
i.CanDoIt User HTML Examples

Babel Buster Configuration Builder
USB Driver Package
BACnet IP Tool Kit
Modbus TCP Tool
MS/TP Packet Capture
BACnet Network Discovery Tool
ComView Serial Port Capture Tool
i.CanDrawIt for AM3/AMJR
i.CanDrawIt v2 for AM3 XT
i.CanDrawIt for VP3-2290/3690
i.CanDrawIt for VP4-2330
i.CanDrawIt for VP4-2310/2810
pliWrite Generic PL/i Programming Tool
BAS-700 Sensor Scaling Spreadsheet

Miscellaneous Packages
Control Solutions SNMP MIB Library
Default XML Files for i.Report Devices
Sensor Calculation Spreadsheet for BAS-700 Analog I/O
VC++ Redistributable for Windows Tools

Miscellaneous Documents
USB Driver Installation
MTX002 MS/TP Packet Capture
BAS-700 Power Consumption Data
RS-232 Guide

Wiring Drawings
BB2-2010 Wiring Drawing
BB2-2011 Wiring Drawing
BB2-3010 Wiring Drawing
BB2-3010-ISO Wiring Drawing
BB2-3010-232 Wiring Drawing
BB2-3020 Wiring Drawing
BB2-3060 Wiring Drawing
BB2-6010 Wiring Drawing
BB2-6010-ISO Wiring Drawing
BB2-6020 Wiring Drawing
BB2-7010 Wiring Drawing
BB2-7010-ISO Wiring Drawing
BB2-7020 Wiring Drawing
BB2-7030 Wiring Drawing
BB3-7101 Wiring Drawing
BB3-7101-ISO Wiring Drawing
BBPro-V210 Wiring Drawing
BBPro-V230 Wiring Drawing

DXF Enclosure Drawings
AM3-IP-MB/BN Mechanical DXF
AM3-S Mechanical DXF
AMJR-14-IP/BN Mechanical DXF
AMJR-SM/SB Mechanical DXF
BB2-3010 Mechanical DXF
BB2-3020 Mechanical DXF
BB2-3060 Mechanical DXF
BB2-7010 Mechanical DXF
BB2-7020 Mechanical DXF
BB2-7030 Mechanical DXF
BB3-7101 Mechanical DXF
BB2-2010/2011/3020 Mechanical DXF
BB2-6020/7020 Mechanical DXF
VP3-2290 Mechanical DXF

Software packages for supporting legacy products no longer available are posted here for purposes of supporting those products as needed.