MTX002 USB to MS/TP Adapter

MTX002 USB to MS/TP Adapter

Control Solutions' Model MTX002 is a USB to MS/TP port adapter. It allows connecting to MS/TP devices via the USB port on your PC. The MTX002 is intended primarily as an aid in configuring specific Control Solutions devices, but can be used with Control Solutions software to browse any MS/TP device.

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The following is a summary of other accessory items available in our online store. The list of accessories available changes from time to time, and they require little additional technical information. Therefore, the detailed listing, pricing, and any additional technical detail is provided in the online store..

• Wall mount kit for DIN rail products
• Cellular/GPS/satellite antennas for i.Report Remote Telemetry Units
• MicroSD Flash card reader
• Wall plug power supplies (Domestic & International)
• RS-485 Port adapters
• Echelon U10 USB to LonWorks adapter
• Private labeling NRE
• Non-warranty repair service

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