Save money, improve operating efficiency! Control Solutions Remote Monitoring and the LogMyData Cloud enables you to:

  • Remotely monitor operation
  • Get automated notification of potential problems
  • Reduce down time
  • Reduce trips to site, go when actually needed
  • Track preventive maintenance more accurately
  • Automate dispatch of fuel delivery or maintenance
  • Track trends, improve operating efficiency
  • Improve your bottom line!

Simple Stand-Alone Remote Monitoring with Text Message Notifications

Are you looking for a simple solution?

Our own statistics gathered over the past decade tell us that more than 50% of users of remote monitoring services never log into any web site to check on their remote monitoring. They simply expect to get text messages on their mobile phone when their attention is needed.

i.Report Stand-Alone No-Contract remote monitoring is the ideal do-it-yourself remote monitoring system. You get simple yet powerful remote monitoring without the need for a monitoring service. Built-in alarm monitoring watches your equipment and sends text messages directly to your mobile phone alerting you to problems.

You decide what events you want to know about and use a simple text message template to create the notification. If the event is important, you can require the alarm message recipient to acknowledge the notification. You also have the option of escalating the notification to additional users if the first user or group of users did not respond by acknowledging the alarm within the time limit you set.

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You can do everything needed to configure the VP3-TM entirely via SMS. But you will find initial setup is streamlined with the use of the free configuration tool software provided by Control Solutions. The VP3-TM configuration tool provides easy templates to fill in for configuring data points and their respective alarms, as well as entering users in the phone book.

Full-Featured Cloud Based Remote Monitoring

Are you looking for a full featured, cloud based system to keep track of multiple sites from a single vantage point?

Control Solutions makes remote monitoring accessible and affordable regardless of how many sites you have to monitor, from one to many. The LogMyData Cloud is built on top of the IBM Cloud to ensure that you are well connected and well protected.

Event based remote monitoring will constantly look at data points and evaluate whether anything is wrong or about to go wrong. Remote monitoring can also provide long term trending or performance monitoring. Nothing is really wrong one way or the other, but you want to see some history that will help you determine how to be more profitable.

If you are monitoring multiple sites, the LogMyData Cloud provides a convenient way to check on the status of all your sites with just one web login. It also provides a convenient way to manage your alarm notification recipient list. For example, you can change the notification recipient phone number for 100 sites with one login and one change.

The i.Report remote monitoring devices report to the cloud. Apps running on the cloud then distribute notifications to the appropriate recipients via SMS text message, email, and/or voice call. Multiple users may be included in a notification group. In addition, the LogMyData Cloud supports notification escalation. The escalation means that if the original intended recipient does not respond to the alarm, additional recipients begin to receive the repeat notifications.

The LogMyData Cloud also offers an additional level of integrity. The cloud is constantly monitoring whether the remote monitoring device is still reporting. If the remote device ever stops reporting, the system will notify you that something might be wrong with the monitoring system itself. A monitoring device all by itself does not have the ability to provide this level of integrity.

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The i.Report VP3-2290 is our most popular wireless remote monitoring device. You can directly connect multiple sensors plus Modbus RTU and J1939.

Now, for a limited time, get 50% off this popular remote telemetry unit when you sign up for remote monitoring service on the LogMyData Cloud.

Custom Packaged Systems

Do you want a turn-key system, preconfigured and ready to install? We will work closely with you to understand your requirements and put together a custom package just for you.

Your Own Brand of Remote Monitoring

Do you want to provide remote monitoring as a service to your customers under your own brand name?

We welcome the opportunity to help you provide greater value to your customers while building your brand recognition. We can provide a completely rebranded installation of the LogMyData Cloud fully managed by us behind the scenes. In addition to rebranding the web access, we can private label the reporting devices with your brand and logo on them.

There are multiple options for additional application customization. If you already have in-house IT capability and want to add remote monitoring to an existing system, we provide secure access to data in our cloud collected from your devices. You can build whatever customer-facing front end you like. Or you can hire us to help you with that.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We are here to help, and ready to listen.

We've been doing this for a while!

Control Solutions has been providing remote monitoring solutions for more than twelve years. We were busy putting “things” on the Internet with both wireless and wired technologies long before “Internet of Things” became a popular buzzword. With Control Solutions Minnesota, you can remotely monitor anything. Our remote monitoring is not limited to any particular narrow vertical market. Our remote monitoring is more like the “PLC of remote monitoring” - it can be adapted to anything.

Applications we serve include...

  • Generators, backup power systems
  • Oil and gas field equipment
  • Greenhouses
  • Freezers, refrigerators
  • Building management systems
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Landfill sites
  • Marine equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Fleet equipment
  • Cell towers
  • Mill equipment
  • Pollution remediation sites
  • Machine automation