Babel Buster network gateways are used to connect smart devices to networks other than the network they were designed for. Babel Buster gateways provide support for building automation with BACnet, LonWorks, and Modbus. Babel Buster gateways also support data centers and IT infrastructure with SNMP. Control Solutions strives to make these gateways as easy to use as possible, and strivse to make them the most cost effective gateways available.

How to Choose a Network gateway

Simply listing two protocols does not fully define a gateway. There is no totally transparent, direct translation between Modbus registers and BACnet objects. This becomes even more evident with structured LonWorks network variables where a single "data point" translates into multiple BACnet objects or multiple Modbus registers.

Start by answering two simple questions:
(1) What protocol is on the network? Here we are referring to the trunk wire you want to connect to.
(2) What protocol is in the device?
Then use that information as you follow the selection guide below.