BACnet-Modbus Gateway
Rev. 1.0 – May 2022

User Guide

Babel Buster 3

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User Guide Contents

1       Introduction
1.1        How to Use This Guide
1.2        Important Safety Notice
1.3        Warranty
1.4        Required License Information

2       Overview of Gateway Functions
2.1        What is New in BB3-3101
2.2        Object Server Model for a Gateway
2.3        Data Flow in the Gateway

3       Overview of How to Configure Gateway
3.1        Build from CSV List of Modbus Registers
3.2        Build from CSV List of Modicon Registers
3.3        Build from CSV List of BACnet Objects
3.4        Build Configuration from Scratch
3.5        Verifying Configuration in the Gateway Device
3.6        Changing Object Counts
3.7        Converting Register to Multiple Objects

4       Tool 'Local Port' Page
4.1        Connecting Configuration Tool to Gateway Device
4.2        Special Setting for Server-Only Applications

5       Tool 'Who-Is' Page
5.1        Finding Devices
5.2        Select Target
5.3        Getting Device Information
5.4        Clear Who-Is Cache
5.5        Read All Configuration
5.6        Targeted Who-Is

6       Tool 'Read/Write' Page
6.1        Read Property
6.2        Write Property

7       Tool 'Device' Page
7.1        Retrieve Device Object Information from Device
7.2        Change Device Object Configuration
7.3        Reassign Device Instance
7.4        Get Object Counts from Device
7.5        Reconfigure Object Counts
7.6        Fixing "Invalid Configuration"
7.7        Export and Import Configuration with XML File

8       Tool 'Object Map' Page
8.1        Internal BACnet Object Configuration Parameters
8.2        Modbus Master Configuration Parameters
8.3        BACnet Client Configuration Parameters
8.4        Insert, Add, Delete Objects
8.5        Read/Write Object Map in Device
8.6        Export and Import Configuration as XML File
8.7        Using Default on Comm Fail
8.8        Data Conversion Examples

9       Tool 'Object Text' Page
9.1        Read/Write Object Text
9.2        Edit Object Text
9.3        Export and Import Text as CSV file
9.4        Clearing Object Text

10       Tool 'Object List' Page
10.1      Read/Write All Object Maps in Device
10.2      Select an Object Map for Editing
10.3      Export and Import Configuration as CSV file
10.4      Clearing Object Maps, Counts, and Device

11    Tool 'Modbus' Page
11.1      Set Modbus Port Parameters
11.2      Check/Reset Errors
11.3      Diagnostic Modbus Read/Write

12    Tool 'Data List' Page
12.1      Read All Object Data
12.2      Error Codes
12.3      Multistate Value Offset

13    Tool 'Firmware' Page
13.1      Firmware Organization
13.2      Verifying Primary Application Image
13.3      Firmware Update Process

Appendix A – CSV File Format
A.1        Object Maps
A.2        Object Text

Appendix B – Modbus Trouble Shooting
B.1        Observing Modbus Errors, LED Indicators
B.2        Error Codes, Reliability Codes
B.3        Auto-Reset Errors
B.4        Trouble Shooting Tips
B.5        Modbus Reference Information

Appendix C – BACnet Trouble Shooting
C.1        Observing BACnet Errors, LED Indicators
C.2        Error Codes, Reliability Codes
C.3        Auto-Reset Errors
C.4        Trouble Shooting Tips, USB Adapter
C.5        Trouble Shooting Tips, Gateway Behavior
C.6        System Fault Indications

Appendix D - Modbus Slave Register Map
D.1        Modbus Slave Map - Calculated Registers
D.2        Modbus Slave Map - Alternate Map
D.3        Relinquishing Commandable Objects

Appendix E - BACnet Object Properties
E.1        Data Object Properties
E.2        Device Object Properties

Appendix F - BACnet Codes
F.1        BACnet Object Property Codes
F.2        BACnet Engineering Units Codes
F.3        BACnet Error Codes

Appendix G - Configuration XML File Format
G.1        Configuration File Editing

Appendix H - USB Driver Installation
H.1        Driver Installation

Appendix J - Hardware Details
J.1        Wiring
J.2        Front Panel LED Indicators
J.3        MTX002 USB to MS/TP Adapter
J.4        RS-485 Line Termination & Bias
J.5        Restore Factory Defaults