Babel Buster SPX Modbus to SNMP Gateway

Control Solutions’ Babel Buster® SPX is a Modbus to SNMP gateway that functions as a Modbus master or slave, and SNMP client or server. The purpose of the SPX is to connect Modbus devices to SNMP, or connect SNMP devices to a Modbus network. The SPX can also be used to remap Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP or vice versa.

Babel Buster SPX Functionality

• Connect Modbus Devices to SNMP
• Connect SNMP Devices to Modbus Network
• Modbus RTU master or slave
• Modbus TCP client and server
• SNMP v2c client and server
• Universal, fully configurable
• No extra software or drivers to buy
• Configured via internal web server

Babel Buster Network Gateways

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Babel Buster SPX Modbus to SNMP Gateway

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Babel Buster SPX is a Modbus to Modbus and a Modbus to SNMP Gateway. The SPX is more than a protocol translator. It is a self contained server that collects and distributes data according to the rules you create. The most common use of the SPX is to map Modbus RTU and/or Modbus TCP devices to SNMP. The SNMP manager can use SNMP Get to retrieve contents of any mapped Modbus register. In addition, the SPX uses threshold rule templates to continuously monitor Modbus data and generate SNMP Traps upon sensing of “alarm” conditions.

Babel Buster SPX is an SNMP Agent (server), but also includes an SNMP Client. This means the SPX can query other SNMP devices and make their data available to Modbus or rule processing to generate traps not originally provided by the other SNMP equipment.

The primary applications for Babel Buster SPX are serial to Ethernet conversion for Modbus devices, and SNMP access to serial or Ethernet Modbus devices. As a Modbus to Modbus gateway, the SPX will map multiple RTU devices to a single Modbus TCP server map. It can also map multiple Modbus TCP devices to a single RTU slave map. The SPX can also do Modbus TCP to Modbus TCP register re-mapping to retrofit equipment to a legacy Modbus register map. The Modbus RTU port can be configured as master or slave. The Modbus TCP port can operate as both client and server (master and slave) concurrently.

The SPX includes its own internal web server that provides a web based user interface for configuring the SPX. Configuration is done using simple templates, and each web page has an online help section at the bottom.

Screen shot from Babel Buster SPX Modbus to SNMP Gateway

Click on the link below to view a demo copy of the entire Web UI in the Babel Buster SPX.

 SPX Demo Web


Babel Buster SPX Features

• Modbus RTU RS-485 Master or Slave
• Modbus TCP Client and Server
• Modbus TCP over Ethernet 10/100BaseT
• SNMP get/set access to all data points
• SNMP trap generation, user programmable criteria
• 1000 16-bit registers (300 useable for SNMP)
• 500 32-bit floating point registers (100 useable for SNMP)
• Supports Modbus “coils”, input registers, holding registers
• Single/double, signed/unsigned, and IEEE 754
• Modbus register mapping configured via web interface
• Modbus register scaling (x10, x100, x0.1, x0.01, etc.)
• Modbus (master) polling interval configurable per point
• User defined “virtual device” register map
• Supports user HTML “wrapper”
• Configure via web pages
• Flash file system with XML configuration files
• Online help
• Password protection for web log-on and ftp
• Field upgradeable firmware upload via ftp
• DHCP or static IP address
• Hardened EIA-485 transceiver for Modbus RTU
• Powered by 10-30VDC or 24VAC 50/60 Hz
• Power Consumption: 0.3A @ 24VDC
• Pluggable screw terminal block for power & RTU network
• Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
• Humidity 5% to 90%
• FCC Class A, CE Mark

Babel Buster SPX Video Library

Watch these videos for an introduction to configuring the gateway. It's easier than reading!

Please note: These videos illustrate screens found in the BB2-6010. The SPX and BB2-6010 are functionally identical, with the only difference in hardware being the packaging, and the only difference in firmware being the name and graphics. Therefore these videos apply to BB2-6010, SPX, and SP.

Introduction to the Babel Buster SPX Modbus Gateway

Configuring Babel Buster SPX SNMP Client

Configuring Babel Buster SPX SNMP Server (Agent)

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