Control Solutions' Model MTX002 is a USB to MS/TP port adapter. The MTX002 allows connecting to MS/TP devices via the USB port on your PC. The MTX002 is intended primarily as an aid in configuring specific Control Solutions devices, but can be used with Control Solutions software (e.g. Network Discovery tool on Tools page) to browse any MS/TP device.

The MTX002 lets your PC connect at 76800 baud (BACnet MS/TP). This is not possible with a standard PC COM port but totally possible with MTX002.

Feature Highlights

• Intelligent adapter off-loads token passing from PC
• Operates as MS/TP client in device configuration mode
• RS-485 pass-through mode for Modbus RTU diagnostics
• Firmware upload mode for device updates
• Supports 9600 through 76800 baud
• Supports packet capture for Wireshark analysis

MTX002 USB to MS/TP adapter

MTX002 USB to MS/TP Adapter

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Control Solutions’ MTX002 is a USB to MS/TP port adapter. It allows connecting to MS/TP devices via the USB port on your PC. The MTX002 is intended primarily as an aid in configuring specific Control Solutions devices, but does include general purpose BACnet object browsing capability usable with any MS/TP device using Control Solutions' generic BACnet browser available at no cost on the Tools page.

The MTX002 operates as an MS/TP client device on the network, reading and writing properties in the device being configured as directed by the configuration tool applicable to the product being configured. As a client, the MTX002 can also read/write any standard BACnet properties in any MS/TP device using the BACnet diagnostic page of the software tool available for free download on the support pages.

The MTX002 defaults to being an MS/TP client, but can be placed in pass-through mode. This mode has additional uses for the MTX002.

The MTX002, in pass-through mode, can be used for Modbus RTU diagnostics. Programs such as ModScan or Modbus Tester can read/write Modbus registers in a Modbus slave I/O device, or in BACnet gateways operating as a Modbus slave.

The MTX002, in pass-through mode, when used in conjunction with mstpcap.exe (packet capture utility), can be used for packet capture and protocol analysis on the MS/TP network. The mstpcap.exe program is used to capture packets, and Wireshark is used for packet analysis.

The MTX002 is powered from the USB port, and includes a hardened RS485 serial port with screw terminal block connector. USB cable is included.

MTX002 USB to BACnet MS/TP adapter

Configuration tools for Control Solutions BACnet MS/TP products such as the BB2-3010 connect to the MS/TP network using the MTX002 MS/TP to USB adapter (if not using a BACnet IP router). The MTX002 allows you to connect your PC to an MS/TP network running at 76800 baud, something not possible with a generic RS-485 port adapter.

The MTX002 functions as an MS/TP device itself. The combination of the MTX002 and configuration tool running on your PC will appear on the network as a discoverable BACnet device. The diagnostic pages in the configuration tool can be used to read and write any objects in any MS/TP device on the network. All configuration parameters exist as properties of BACnet objects which are accessible to any BACnet client. The Control Solutions configuration tool simpy provides a user friendly template for accessing those properties.


MTX002 Features

• USB serial port adapter using standard Windows driver
• Hardened EIA-485 transceiver for serial ports
• MS/TP baud rates: 9600, 19200, 38400, 76800
• Modbus RTU baud rates: 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400
• Powered from USB port on PC
• Can be used with any Control Solutions configuration tool software
• Can be used with Control Solutions BACnet Network Discovery Tool
• MTX002 becomes a discoverable BACnet device on the MS/TP network
• Not useful as MS/TP adapter for software not designed for the MTX002


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