The Babel Buster Pro V230 creates a BACnet interface for UPS systems by converting SNMP to BACnet. The Babel Buster Pro acts as a protocol translator, converting variables found in the SNMP MIB to BACnet objects. You may then use BACnet to monitor the UPS from your Building Management System.

The Babel Buster Pro V230 includes features designed specifically to handle alarm tables found in the MIB of SNMP enabled UPS systems. The standard UPS MIB is defined in RFC 1628, but manufacturers often have their own proprietary MIB as well. The Babel Buster Pro V230 can handle either.

The alarm table in RFC 1628 is "sparse" meaning its table entries are only present if an alarm is present, and the table is empty if there are no alarms. One cannot simply query specific OIDs to determine presence of an alarm. Alarms are implied by presence of a table entry that only exists while the alarm is present. Furthermore, the alarm table is simply a circular buffer of alarm entries, and the table index means nothing.

The Babel Buster Pro V230 includes an automatic table walker with multiple algorithms for walking different types of tables, including the alarm table in RFC 1628. The Babel Buster Pro V230 also has the ability to directly query OIDs that are always present, such as input voltage. The results of the table walking and polling of the UPS are placed in BACnet objects which may be read by any other BACnet device. Therefore, the Babel Buster Pro V230 allows your Building Management System to monitor any SNMP enabled UPS system.

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