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Enter the known remote network numbers and the ports via which they may be reached.

The Info strings are strictly informational and have no bearing on functionality.

The router's address is optional. If not given here, it will be searched for on the network using Who-Is-Router. You may enter the remote router's address as an MS/TP MAC address, or an IP address optionally with port number. If no port number is given, the MX-73-R's own local port number will be used. IP should be given in the form of (for example) or just

It should be noted that even if you do enter the router's address here, it will be replaced in the event an I-Am-Router message is received for the given network number but having a different router address.

It should also be noted that if some external BACnet network management tool sends a router table initialize message to this device, the entire page shown here will be replaced. After a delay of a few minutes, the new contents of this page will be auto-saved to the XML configuration file for subsequent reload. Thus, the router portion of this MX-73-R may be remotely managed.

If you leave this page completely empty, all routers needed for routing of traffic will be located using the Who-Is-Router broadcast to the network. Routers that are found this way, in addition to any listed here, will be listed on the Discovered page.