Model MX-73-R
MAC 00:40:9D:BF:5C:59

Quick Help

Click any tab above to log in. If you are not already logged in, you will be asked for your user name and password. You will need these in order to log in.

To log out, simply close your browser. IMPORTANT: If you have made configuration changes that you want to save permanently, go to the System->Setup->Config File page and click "save". Changes made by clicking "update" are only temporary until you save changes permanently in your configuration file.

General Help for First Time Users

This web site is laid out with a heirarchy of index tabs. The uppermost row of tabs is the top of the heirarchy. Selecting any top level tab will open a set of related tabs on the next two levels down. The top tab selects a broad topic, the middle tab selects a sub-topic, and the bottom tabs select individual pages within the sub-topic.

Virtually all pages have an Update button. Click this button to register any changes you have made on the page before leaving the page. Until you click the Update button, you are only changing numbers in your browser. Your browser does not actually send the numbers to the connected device until you click Update.

When viewing real time data returned to your browser by the connected device, the browser will display the data received when the page was displayed. To get newer data, click the Update button, or click your browser's reload button. Each time you request an update of the page, new real time data is obtained by the page displayed.

There are many instances where the page is used to cycle through some number of sequential items. Click the "Prev" or "Next" buttons to advance to the previous or next item, or group of items.

Each page has a "Quick Help" section at the bottom to give a few tips on use of the page.

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