Broadcast Distribution Table
Broadcast Distribution Table (BDT)Broadcast Address:PortBroadcast Mask FFFFFF00
Foreign Device Table
Foreign Devices Registered LocallyTime to Live
 --- ---
Local Device's Registration as a Foreign Device at Remote Location
Enable BBMD
BBMD Time To Live (seconds)
 (Zero disables foreign registration)
BBMD IP Address, Port
 BBMD is not registered.
Quick Help

This page displays the Broadcast Distribution Table (BDT) that has been provided to the local device by an external network management tool capable of sending the BDT initialize. The BDT may also be edited on the Edit BDT page. Regardless of how the table is filled, it will be saved in the configuration file when saved, and reloaded upon restart.

This page also displays foreign devices that have registered with this device.

To enable BBMD processing, check the "Enable BBMD" box. This applies to foreign device registration. The broadcast distribution table functions regardless of whether foreign device registration is enabled. Do not enable BBMD if not familiar with BBMD, or if you are not certain you require BBMD.

To allow foreign devices to register with this device, but not have this device register elsewhere, check Enable BBMD, but enter zero for BBMD Time To Live. This enables BBMD but disables this device's attempt to register somewhere else.

If you will be registering as a foreign device with another BBMD, the port, time-to-live, and IP address of the remote BBMD must be given. The local BBMD will attempt to register with the remote BBMD whose address is given. Disable foreign registration by setting time to live to zero.