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Enter the network numbers for the networks directly connected to this router. These must be unique across the entire internetwork. These numbers will ultimately tell other routers how to find devices on these local networks.

The Info strings are strictly informational and have no bearing on functionality.

Hop count should be the maximum number of routers on the network. Hop count limits the number of times a packet is forwarded by a router. It should not be forwarded more times than there are routers, but if a router is misconfigured, a message may bounce back and forth until the hop count expires (hop count defaults to 255). By setting the hop count equal to the number of routers downstream, a message being bounced by misconfigured routers will expire sooner than later and not jam the network.

Router functionality can be disabled when the Babel Buster should operate only as a gateway. Multiple routers across the same networks will cause network failure. Disable router functionality any time routing will not be used.

Networks can be configured or learned. To disable learning in conjunction with configuring network routes, make the applicable selections above.