Baud Rate Parity
I am the Master I am a Slave
Parameters for RTU Master:Parameters for RTU Slave:
Default Poll Rate SecondsMy Address or Unit #
Timeout Seconds
Use FC 5/6 instead of 15/16 for unit numbers (slave addresses) starting at
Use FC 5/6 and 15/16 by count for unit numbers (slave addresses) starting at
Quick Help

Select baud rate and parity from the drop down list. Click either Master or Slave buttons to select type of operation. Enter timing parameters or address as applicable. Click update to register your changes.

If your slave/server device only supports function codes 5 and 6 for writing, check the Use FC 5/6 box. The default function codes are 15 and 16, which are most widely used. If you check the box, you should also enter a "starting at" unit # or slave address. This allows supporting both types of devices at the same time provided you assign slave addresses in two non-overlapping groups. (These settings do not apply if the gateway is the slave.)

Check "Use FC 5/6 ... by count..." if you have a slave device that requires function codes 5 and 6 for single registers while requiring function codes 15 and 16 for multiple register writes. The same "starting at" requirement applies here.