BACnet Device Settings:Local Network Settings
Device Instance
Port (default 0xBAC0 = 47808)
Device Object Name
Device Description
Device Location
APDU Timeout
APDU Retries
APDU Segment Timeout
Database Revision
Local Command Priority
Backlog Limit
Allow fault self-reset without Ack.
Disable self-restart upon communications loss
Disable Segmentation.
Quick Help

Enter a device instance from 1 to 4,194,303. Enter a port number (note that 47808 is the standard port expected by most BIP devices).

The device object name, description, and location are entered here. Standard BACnet timeout and retry values are also entered on this page. These values are stored in a special area of non-volatile memory rather than the XML configuration file.

Local command priority is used when the result of a Calculate or Copy rule is written to a commandable object. It is also used if the result of a client read map is saved to a local commandable object, although this would not be recommended. Output objects are commandable. Client read maps should store results in input or value objects, while client write maps take their data from value or output objects. In other words, output objects should not be used for input.

Backlog Limit refers to the number of outstanding requests that the BACnet client will be allowed to make. The client has the ability to generate requests faster than they can be sent even at the 100 megabit rate, and may send them faster than the receiving device can process them. The client will generate up to this number of requests before pausing to wait for replies. The limit will default to the maximum of 10.

Check the "allow" check box to allow faults to self-reset. These faults include things like Modbus RTU exception response, timeouts, etc. Normally the client needs to read the realiability code to acknowledge the fault before it will automatically reset. By checking the "allow" check box, faults will automatically self-reset without acknowledgement. This is required any time the client does not periodically read reliability codes but does check fault status.

Check the "disable self-restart" box to disable self restart upon communication loss. If this box is not checked, this gateway will restart itself in an attempt to auto-recover if communications with devices has started and then stopped.

Click Save to store. This store process will take a little while as these parameters are being saved to non-volatile memory. A change in port number will not take effect until the next system restart.