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This page allows you to manage configuration files. IMPORTANT: Configuration changes will be lost the next time you cycle power if you did not save those changes to an XML configuration file. These are stored in non-volatile memory (Flash file).

Select a file from the list. To work with this file, click the Select button. Then select an action from the action list, and click Execute. File types you will commonly work with are:

*.xmlConfiguration file
*.pemSSL certificate
*.csvRegister or object list import


To upload a file from your PC to this device, click "Browse" to select a file for upload from your PC. Once selected, then click "Upload" to complete the process. That file should now appear in the window above.

IMPORTANT: File names MUST NOT contain spaces or special characters, and should be 20 characters or less.

Note: There may be a delay of several seconds while Flash memory is updated by any of the file save or upload actions.

Note: Your browser may cache files. If you view a file, make configuration changes, save the file, then view the file again, you may see the old file cached by the browser. To see the updated file, go to "Internet Options" in your browser's "Tools" menu, and delete temporary Internet files (or delete cache files). Also, if you upload a file, make changes on your PC, and re-upload the same file, the browser may send the old file. Again, you will need to find the button inside your browser options that lets you delete the cached files from your PC.


The "Boot configuration" window shows the name of the XML configuration file that will be automatically loaded upon startup. Select this file using the applicable Select and Action/Execute. If there are errors in the configuration file, then gateway activity (polling, etc) will not proceed upon startup. If it seems that the device is "not talking", come to this File Manager page, select the XML file, and execute "Load XML Config File". If there are errors, they will be displayed.

Check "Confirm" and click "Restart" to re-boot the system. This will not cycle power to the hardware, but will reboot the processor as if power had been cycled. Use this to force an IP address change remotely. Only the root user is allowed to do this. Upon restart, this page will not reload and the HTTP connection will be lost.