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Register Format
Register #
Local Object Name
Analog Input 11
Analog Input 12
Analog Input 13
Analog Input 14
Analog Input 15
Analog Input 16
Analog Input 17
Analog Input 18
Analog Input 19
Quick Help

Read remote registers into local registers. This page creates a map entry that reads data from one or more remote Modbus/TCP servers for processing here. Click on map number to see more detail and insert/delete maps.

Map number simply tells you where you're at on the list of register maps. Click "next" and "prev" to scroll through the list. To advance directly to a specific map, enter the desired number in the "Showing" box, then click Update.

Maps entered on this page only read data from remote devices. Go to the Client Write Map to write data to those devices. The full parameter set is different for read versus write.

An abbreviated version of a list of maps is shown on this page. Any of the parameters shown may be changed here and registered by clicking the Update button. To view and/or modify the complete set of parameters, click on the map number in the left most column.

For each remote register to be read, enter the register type, format, number, and location (device). The names in the device list are defined in the Devices page. If register format is CHAR, you need to click on the map number and set the string size on the expanded view of the map. For coils or discrete inputs, use INT-16 or UINT-16 for register format - in this case, format only affects formatting of local register data. Modbus data will be placed in the local object designated.

Local Object # is a label such as "AI 2" following the format "XX N" where XX is a 2-character object type abbreviation, and N is the instance number. The following abbreviations are recognized:

LabelObject Type
AIAnalog Input
AOAnalog Output
AVAnalog Value
BIBinary Input
BOBinary Output
BVBinary Value
MIMultistate Input
MOMultistate Output
MVMultistate Value

Selecting "none" for remote type effectively deletes the map even though it will still appear in the list until deleted. Unused maps at the end of the list will always show none as the type.