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Babel Buster gateways connect BACnet or Modbus devices to a LonWorks network.

IoT is Hot!

Analysts are making a bold prediction for 2014: One of the top technology trends will be IoT, or Internet of Things. The term IoT is the newer buzz word for M2M, which means machine-to-machine. Either term generally refers to devices on the Internet which have sensors for remotely monitoring things of interest. Sometimes the devices also have actuators for controlling things. Frost & Sullivan is predicting upwards of 80 billion connected IoT devices online by 2020. The results of a survey conducted by ARM ( suggests that IoT is already being used across all industries by 75% of all companies.

Control Solutions doesn’t regard IoT as anything new. We’ve been designing, building, and shipping IoT devices for the past several years. IoT isn’t new technology, but what is new is the fact that IoT is getting so big that the major financial analysts are starting to see it as an important investment opportunity. We are not looking for investors, but that is still good news to us – it means we are nicely positioned in a growth industry. And we are not a newcomer to IoT– we’ve already been delivering IoT for the last 10 years of our nearly 20 year history, having shipped several thousand IoT devices worldwide.

One of Control Solutions’ more popular IoT devices - popular because of its flexibility and low cost - is the Model IB-110 Internet I/O board with web server. The IB-110 has eight universal inputs which can be configured as discrete or analog. The IB-110 also has a Modbus RTU communications port for querying data from devices like power meters. The IB-110 is programmable in Script Basic, which is built in. In addition, the user can add custom web pages to the collection of pre-programmed web pages hosted by the embedded server contained in the IB-110.

Another of Control Solutions’ IoT devices is the i.Report Remote Telemetry Unit. Using cellular technology for its IP connection, it provides monitoring and control of a variety of equipment. The i.Report is ideal for monitoring multiple sites over a wide geographic area from a single web portal. The i.Report devices report data to a cloud based monitoring and control application, and users can log in via Internet from anywhere to check on status. Both stationary and mobile tracking applications are supported. Satellite connectivity is also available where cellular coverage is inadequate. The i.Report is extremely flexible and highly adaptable to a variety of applications.

Embedded Servers

The goal of i.CanDoIt® is to provide a simple and cost effective facility management and remote monitoring solution suitable for use in small sites. The i.CanDoIt® is programmable, even though it is rather powerful without programming.

i.CanDoIt® includes data logging, time & date scheduling, and template or rule based alarm processing with email notification and/or I/O activation in response to events. Data logging simply records the contents of registers on a user specified schedule. Scheduling causes register values to be set according to a schedule allowing scheduled setpoint changes or output activation.

The i.CanDrawIt® graphical programming can be used to create control algorithms in most i.CanDoIt® servers, while Script Basic is available in others.

Network Gateways

Control Solutions Babel Buster® gateways maximize system connectivity options. Open system architecture is a key element in today's control system designs. Connectivity using standard protocols is a vital ingredient in an open system. The ability to use multiple protocols in a single system enhances the flexibility of the system while allowing one to take advantage of a wider variety of products.

Remote Monitoring

The goal of LogMyData® is to close the loop and put your remote devices in touch with your enterprise - regardless of the size of your enterprise. Our vision is that signing up for a remote monitoring account should be no more difficult than signing up for an eBay® account. We think remote monitoring should be accessible and affordable even if you have just one site to monitor. The i.Report™ is the first of a growing family of cellular and satellite based remote monitoring products.

Network I/O

The ValuPoint® and AddMe® families of freely programmable network I/O provide various combinations of analog and discrete I/O.

The i.CanDrawIt® graphical programming package simplifies implementation of control functions for the ValuPoint® or AddMe® device. Use ladder logic or free form logic diagrams to create your program. You can even do live on-network testing from the graphical environment.

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